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IPAI Global Artist Program

with Dr. Maryann Kyle

Join Master Pedagogue and Clinician, Dr. Maryann Kyle, for her

Master Classes and Teaching Fellowship Sessions presented by the

International Performing Arts Institute (IPAI) Global Artist Program.

Book each session individually or the 

Seminar Package

to gain access to Dr. Kyle's private voice lessons via Zoom.


Observe IPAI Global Artists from around the US in GAP Master Classes as they refine their vocal technique, expression, freedom, and artistry

in Musical Theatre, Opera, and Crossover singing.


Join Teaching Fellowship Sessions for intimate discussions about

teaching style and language, modern pedagogy, empathy, building a positive studio environment, and much more!

Ask your questions and get some answers!

Check out other special guests & Register for

the full line-up of

GAP Master Classes!

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