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Offers a community of working opera professionals who are genuinely invested in the next generation of young and emerging artists. Experience German language, culture, and opera theater in a country that boasts a centuries-long love for opera and some of the finest opera houses in Europe. 

European Networking

IPAI collaborates with German agents, stage directors, casting directors, and theater directors who provide coaching, audition workshops, master classes, and networking opportunities. Our young artists sing for and receive feedback from guest clinicians currently active in the European opera market. Some of our Opera Artists have been encouraged or invited to audition for German houses, agents, young artist programs, and masters degrees.

World-class Instruction

Artists receive two voice lessons, one or two coachings, acting and movement classes, and multiple workshops and master classes per week. They work with teachers, vocal coaches, stage directors, and casting directors currently working in opera houses in the United States and Europe. IPAI Opera & Collaborative Piano Program alumni have been accepted into top tier masters programs in the US and in Germany, joined US and European young artist programs, and gone on to perform professionally with opera houses in Munich, Hamburg, Vienna, and Salzburg, among others in both Europe and the US.

Singers perform in weekly master classes that focus on style and interpretation, audition techniques, mind/body awareness, coping with stress and nervousness, the business of performing, career building and more! During the second and third week, all opera artists participate in intensive master classes with honored guest artists such as Jennifer Larmore, Barbara Bonney, Barabara Daniels, and Kirstin Chavez. 

Whether for support of the voice, clarity, dynamics, expression, or for style, building and improving basic movement mechanics is an integral part of singing. We start each day with movement, dance, yoga or stretching. Maximize your impact as a total artist and refine your audition package with daily acting classes, workshops, and individual dramatic coaching.  Artists refine their stage presence and presentation in weekly acting classes, workshops, and individual dramatic coaching in order to refine their audition package and maximize their impact as a total artist. Special attention is given to audition selections chosen for the vocal competition and opera master classes. 


"This past month was nothing short of a fairy tale experience. IPAI was without a doubt, exactly what I needed. The hard work, early mornings, late nights, long rehearsals, masterclasses, coachings, lessons, acting classes, many performances, the encouragement. New amazing friendships that began within hours and feel like they have been there a lifetime, the opportunity to work with faculty who quickly became mentors, friends, and role models. My heart is full of love for the experiences I was so lucky to have and the people I was so fortunate to meet at this program.

As a recent graduate, the "what am I supposed to do now?!" feeling hit me HARD. But this past month has given me a new perspective and has encouraged me beyond words. I am very excited for what is to come."

- Taryn Cantrell, singer, artist, & performer

Language & Culture

Artists learn and practice German in daily language classes and by living in a Bavarian village for three weeks. Instruction includes the basics of functional conversational German, an introduction to German culture and etiquette, learning to slate and answer basic audition questions in German,  as well as opportunities for more advanced speakers to refine their language skills. Our artists receive musical theatre and lyric diction coaching in German. French, Italian, English, and Czech can be integrated into weekly lessons and coaching sessions as dictated by the artists' repertoire selections.

See a professional opera performance at a German Theater in Erl, Munich, or another nearby city as part of your IPAI experience! Transportation and tickets are included in the tuition. 

emily hansen.jpeg

"I thoroughly enjoyed being apart of The International Performing Arts Institute. This program gives you a wide variety of essential operatic training, from vocal technique, to acting and diction. You work with some of the best musicians in the industry, and are able to interact with them through masterclasses and voice lessons. This is probably the best summer program I've been a part of, it is very organized and cohesive and you truly get so much out of the three weeks. The team at IPAI gives you the tools you need to be ready for the modern performance world, especially during COVID-19. I am so appreciative of my time at this program!"

- Emily Hansen, opera singer


Each Young Artist is a featured soloist on our Liederabend, is cast in at least two scenes, and sings and dances in company ensemble numbers. Concert performance opportunities include: master classes that may be open to the public, Cabaret Nights, the annual IPAI Vocal Competition, and one scene concert --the IPAI Gala Concert.

Career Building & Development

In addition to professional development & audition workshops, IPAI artists receive one-on-one feedback from each of our esteemed faculty throughout their IPAI residency.  Our three-week training program culminates in a next-steps conference that offers an opportunity to connect on a deeper level with our faculty, strategically plan for the "next steps" of your artistic career, gather personalized advice, and be mentored by professional who invest in artists beyond just three weeks of training.

Outstanding students, promising young artists, and emerging artists may be offered a significant scholarship and the opportunity to join IPAI as a Fellowship Artist in the following summer. Fellowship Artists have usually completed a Masters Degree or Artist Diploma, are on the cusp of starting their professional career, are already performing professionally, and/or are exploring opportunities to audition and sing in Germany or Europe. Fellowship Artists receive special attention, may be invited to auditions, or offered roles with regional companies in the US and Germany.


O P E R A : 

Triple Room: $6400

Double Room: $6700

Single Room: $7000 

D E P O S I T : $500 

***The deposit must be received by the date on your acceptance letter (10-14 days after acceptance) in order to reserve your spot in the program and any scholarships you have been awarded. 

IPAI Germany is an all-inclusive training experience that includes:

  • Lodging for 21 days

  • Two meals per day (breakfast and lunch--artists are responsible for dinner and snacks)

  • Private voice lessons

  •  Individual and group repertoire coachings

  •  Master Classes and Career Training Workshops

  •  German Language Experience

  • Dance and Acting Classes

  • A Comprehensive Scenes Program

  • A Minimum of 4 Concert Performance Opportunities.

  • The cost of tickets and transportation for one excursion (the musical theatre intensive and audition casting in Hamburg, or the German opera house excursion) is also included in your tuition for IPAI Germany when available. 

Not included airfare or ground transportation to/from Kiefersfelden; ground or public transportation during the program; health or travel insurance; costs of securing a passport or visa (for non-US residents); entry, luggage, or other fees at border control; costs associated with program cancellation, flight cancellation, health care issues, or travel delays.

Tuition scholarships (typically between $500 - $3000) are awarded based on funding availability, artistry, and merit and determined by the application, video or live audition, financial need, and IPAI programming needs. Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of IPAI faculty, administration, and audition panelists. Recipients are obliged to notify IPAI of acceptance in a timely fashion and are still responsible for securing their position in the program by paying the deposit.


All participants and faculty must secure international health insurance that is valid in the country or state of residence for the duration of the program. We STRONGLY suggest securing both health and travel insurance when studying abroad. Check with your current insurance provider to inquire if they have options for temporary international travel and health insurance. Feel free to reach out to our IPAI administrative staff for assistance if you need help finding an insurance provider. It's relatively inexpensive and can be purchased online.

REFund & Participation Policy

Unfortunately, IPAI cannot issue any refunds for tuition or deposits under any circumstances at this time. This includes but is not limited to acts of violence or terrorism, sickness, disease, financial insolvency, force majeure, or any other circumstances. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, IPAI may be able to issue limited refunds minus the $500 deposit in the event the program is cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions. The no refund policy stands as long as a live, in-person summer program can take place.

IPAI reserves the right to withdraw a student artist from the program for behavior deemed inappropriate or unprofessional. Illegal substance use is strictly forbidden. Participants caught using illegal substances or participating in illegal activities will be sent home at their own expense and no tuition refunds will be given. Artists and faculty participate at their own risk and must provide proof of valid health insurance for the duration of the program. IPAI is not liable for a participants inability to attend or participate due to sickness, emergencies, or other unforeseen events. 

Artists engaged in the abuse of alcohol, verbal, racial, or sexual harassment in any way will be sent home immediately at their own expense.

Any artist that drops out of the program after May 15th will be responsible for 2/3 of the total tuition.

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