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Willingness to explore new avenues of artistry, passion for learning and collaboration, and desire for mentorship and connection.

2024 Application Deadline

A P R I L   3 0 ,   2 0 2 4

Who Should Apply

IPAI artists have a willingness to explore new avenues of artistry, a passion for learning and collaboration, and a desire for mentorship and connection. Although many of our artists are interested in moving to or singing in Germany, that is not a requirement for participation.


The minimum age for participation is 16 with no upper age limit. While most of our artists tend to fall between ages 21 and 35, many successful alumni have been outside that age range. We welcome singing teachers, directors, dancers, actors, producers, administrators and many others who feel a well-balanced life deserves as much attention as perfecting performance.


Our artists are usually looking for guidance, new ideas, and opportunity as they walk into the next phase of their creative life, be it graduate school, young artist programs, main stage roles, US and German audition tours, agent auditions, or their own entrepreneurial projects and concerts.

Audtion Requiremnts

Audition Requirements

Each program requires an online application and a live or video audition. Teaching and Directing Fellowship applicants may also be asked to interview with the director of their respective programs. Repertoire requirements for each program are listed below.
There is no application fee. Our application has been and always will be free. Once your application is received it will be personally reviewed by our Artistic Director or a member of our Faculty. You will receive a response typically within 14 days of your application date. Artists may also request more personal feedback of audition materials, which we are happy to provide as time and the number of applicants allows. 

While most of our young artists are between ages 21 - 35, there is no upper age limit. We have often worked with experienced singers, pianists, teachers, and directors who are forging new paths, career changes, and new directions. Young artists must be at lest 18 years old to participate (some exceptions made with parental guidance and consent).  

Please read the requirements for each program before submitting your application. If you still have questions, contact:


Online Application

Live Audition or Video Audition Links:

  • 2 contrasting pieces from 2 genres according to your program of interest


    • 2 contrasting classical songs or opera, operetta, or oratorio arias in different languages  OR

    • 2 contrasting musical theatre selections OR

    • 1 classical selection and 1 musical theatre selection

Performance Resume

Head Shot


Online Application

Live Audition or Video Audition Links:

  • 2 contrasting art songs from the German, French, or English vocal repertoire  (Schumann, Schubert, Brahms, Strauss, Duparc, Fauré, Barber, Vaughan Williams, etc.)
  • 1 opera aria

Performance Resume or CV

Head Shot


Online Application

Video Links of Artistic Work:

  • 1 - 3 video or audio recordings that exemplify your work as an artist. This could include singing, directing, teaching, private lessons or coaching that you are giving or receiving, master classes, lecturing, acting, performing, etc. 

Teaching and/or Performance Resume or CV 

Head Shot

Interview with Director of Teaching or Directing Fellowship


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