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what to pack

Music and Supplies

If you’re using forScore, you don’t need to worry about extra copies of music for yourself.

  • 2 Copies of all music (One for you and your teacher or clinician. Your accompanist will have copies of your music.) Include the following:

    • Rep you’re presenting 

    • Rep you’ve been working on 

    • Rep you’d like to work on 

    • Music for Opera and MT scenes 

  • Opera artists should include:

    •  2-5 Arias (oratorio, song, and operetta are also appropriate based on your level and your teacher’s recommendations)

    • 2 German Lieder

    • other music you may want to work or perform (musical theatre, crossover, pop, jazz, etc.)

  • Musical Theater artists should include:

    • 2-5 MT songs (full and audition cuts) 

    • your audition book (if you have one)

    • other music you may want to work or perform (classical, crossover, pop, jazz, etc.)

  • Labels for Music

  • Pencils


Headshot & Resume

Bring these for feedback and workshopping.

  • 2-3 Copies of Headshot 

  • 2-3 Copies of Resume  


Outfits for movement class 

  • Leggings, gym shorts, leotards (optional)

  • Jazz shoes or ballet flats - black or nude

  • Character shoes or similar stage shoe - black or nude


Concert Attire

  • Your preferred audition attire

  • Conservative concert black attire of your choice

    • i.e. a black dress or skirt, an all-black pants outfit

    • Coats are not required, but bring a tie in case.​

  • Semi-formal or formal attire for vocal competition (optional or decide according to your repertoire selections).

    • i.e. a gown, a suit, a blazer, a tuxedo

  • Some props or other costuming may be requested based on your scene assignments.

Other Clothing

  • Rain Gear 

  • Swimsuit 


Other Supplies

  • Backpack 

  • Recording Device/Phone 

  • Bug Spray (Mosquitoes are real) 

  • Sunscreen 

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