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The IPAI Germany Musical Theatre Program combines European Casting Opportunities with three weeks of comprehensive training focused on competitive Belting, Legit and Crossover techniques, Dance, and Acting.


All MT Artists take participate in a 3-day Musical Theatre Intensive in Hamburg or Vienna and work with casting directors from Stage Entertainment, the largest producer of musicals in Europe. Workshops and Master Classes culminate in professional casting auditions, workshops with Ralf Schaedler, and personalized feedback. Artists who receive call-back auditions (during or in the months following IPAI) will continue to receive specialized preparation and coaching  by IPAI faculty. Housing and transportation for the Musical Theatre Intensive in Hamburg or Vienna are included.


Each IPAI Artist receives at least 2 voices lessons, 1 - 2 coachings, acting & dance classes, and 1-2 workshops or master classes per week. They work with choreographers, casting agents and voice teachers whose students are currently performing in shows such as Rocky, Aladdin, Wicked, Lion King, Mamma Mia, Elton John's Aida, Sister Act, Tarzan, Phantom of the Opera, and many others. 


Outstanding students, promising young artists, and emerging young artists may be offered a significant scholarship and the opportunity to join IPAI as a Fellowship Artist. Musical Theatre Fellows have usually completed a Master of Fine Arts or Artist Diploma, are on the cusp of starting their professional career, or are already performing professionally and exploring opportunities to audition/sing in Germany or Europe. MT Fellowship Artists receive special attention, may be invited to call-back auditions during the summer or in the fall with Stage Entertainment, or offered roles with theaters and productions.


Each young MT Artist is a featured soloist on our Musical Theatre Song Night concert and is cast in at least 2 group numbers. Other performance opportunities include: a "Broadway to Brass" Musikkapelle Concert, the IPAI Gala Concert, Cabaret Night, and the IPAI Vocal Competition. 



Singers perform in weekly master classes that focus on style and interpretation, healthy belting, audition techniques, mind/body awareness, coping with stress and nervousness, the business of performing, career building and more! 


Our esteemed faculty specialize in healthy Musical Theatre belting and crossover singing technique and are regularly invited to give workshops, master classes, and lectures in the United States.



New choreography can always be exciting to learn and perform in a workshop setting. Not only will MT artists learn and perform choreography in ensemble and group musical numbers on our showcase concerts, they will also learn essential dance/movement technique and mechanics in class that apply to all performers. While performance opportunities may be given to advanced level dancers, dancers at all levels are encouraged to apply for IPAI.



Our faculty artists offer daily acting classes, workshops, and individual dramatic coaching to refine your audition package and maximize your impact as a total artist. Special attention is given to audition selections chosen for the Musical Theatre Intensive casting auditions. 



Our faculty are fluent in German, French, and Italian. IPAI Artists learn and practice in daily German Language class and by living in a Bavarian village for three weeks. Instruction includes the basics of functional conversational German, an introduction to German culture and etiquette, learning to slate and answer basic audition questions in German,  as well as opportunities for more advanced speakers to refine their language skills. Our artists receive Musical Theatre and lyric diction coaching in German, French, Italian, English, and Czech integrated into their weekly lessons and coaching sessions. 


In addition to professional development & audition workshops, IPAI artists receive one-on-one feedback from each of our esteemed faculty throughout their IPAI residency.  Our three-week training program culminates in  a Next Steps Conference that offers an opportunity to connect on a deeper level with our faculty, strategic planning for the "next steps" of your artistic career, personal advice, and mentorship from our esteemed international faculty artists. 


Tuition includes accommodations at Hotel zur Post in Kiefersfelden, a full traditional Bavarian breakfast each morning, and a catered hot lunch with salad bar each afternoon. Students are responsible for dinner each evening and the cost of flights and transportation to/from Kiefersfelden, Germany. 


Temperance Jones

Belhaven University

IPAI is a special program for artists to discover themselves as performers and get to know others that have the same goal in mind. My experience with IPAI was beyond what I could imagine. I got to grow in my craft and not only make friends but connected with family. I’m so grateful to have gone this summer and I can’t wait to be a fellow next summer!

Alex Christian Lucas

Loyola University of New Orleans

I’m very grateful for the opportunity I had to study with the International Performing Arts Institute in Germany this past month! It was my first time ever in Europe, which was absolutely thrilling, and I truly enjoyed learning about and immersing myself in German culture. I met and worked with some incredibly talented people, some of whom will be on “my team” as I continue along my career path. Most importantly, I grew as a person and performer, learning new things about myself, my voice, and my talents.

Thank you to all the faculty and students who made this a wonderful learning opportunity and experience for me! It was a pleasure to grow and learn with you, and I had a blast tramping around the country and navigating the Deutchbahn with you. I have absolutely no shortage of funny stories, memories, and new knowledge that I will take with me!

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