Fundraising Tips

Places of worship

If you or someone you know is involved in a local church, temple or other place of worship, ask about whether or not you could hold a small concert for them (possibly with a few others going to IPAI), ask if they have scholarships for young students/artists, you could also ask if there is a music society that is a part of the church, temple, etc.. that you could contact about possible scholarships, concerts or performing opportunitites.

Clubs & Organizations

This is a very large category. There are more organizations and clubs than can be listed, but here are a few ideas: Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Eagles—these are professional organizations that have many scholarships already in place, and are often willing to have you come sing/talk at a meeting and they will then “pass the hat” and collect donations for you.

There are often Women’s clubs of various sorts, Music clubs, choral groups, etc… . Contact them personally—by phone or in person. That is the best way to get their attention. Sometimes there are formal applications for scholarships, sometimes there will be one member who takes you on as their personal investment, sometimes you will just be invited to sing for their meetings and they will take up a donation. Explore every possible club and organization in your community and in your hometowns. Ask your friends and families for suggestions.

There are many possibilities with such clubs, and if you contact them as an individual or group, remember to be polite and professional. It is ALWAYS an honor to be asked or allowed to sing for such groups who want to support aspiring artists.


There are several students who are receiving up to 6 credits of independent study credit for their time at IPAI. This also allows them to be eligible for financial aid.

Check with your Financial Aid offices about grants and scholarships on campus for international studies. There are often “hidden” monies allocated to promote students studying abroad, or in the arts. Sometimes there are special minority grants, music, art, etc… Ask lots of questions and find out where to get the info. If such grants and scholarships exist.

Ask your professors for fund-raising ideas. Do they belong to societies or organizations to which you could write and ask for scholarships?

Family & Friends

Ask. Don’t be shy. Many people truly want to help you in your pursuit of world-class training. If they don’t personally have the money, maybe they are members of an organization, club or church that could help. Ask them to connect you. Look for the “Fundraising Form Letter” on the sidebar for ideas.


The nature of artistic studies on the University level does not often allow time for outside employment. However, if you contact local business owners and express to them your objectives to earn a certain amount of money, they may work with you to give you flexible hours and a short-term job to earn the money. Maybe they could do this in lieu of a scholarship. For example: Joe’s Print Shop would agree to give you a scholarship for $500 for working on a special project for 30 hours over the next 3 months. You set up a schedule with them and fit in 5 hours/week over 6 weeks. That is a financial help to you and they have the satisfaction of having work done well while supporting your education and professional training. This could be done with family members who may not have the money to give you outright, but could use help in their house or business. The tried and true jobs like babysitting, dog-walking, house-sitting—ask for those jobs letting the people know that you are doing this to earn money for IPAI. They just might pitch in a few more dollars knowing your goals.

Also, if you are employed, ask your employer if there are any opportunities for grants or scholarships from their companies. Small or large, there are often employee-incentives for education, or they may create such an incentive if asked.

Group Events, Fundraising Concerts and Go Fund Me

Get together with other IPAI participants or interested friends and hold a concert with all proceeds being divided among the participants. Hold car washes and bake sales. Every little bit counts. Ask your Theatre and Music departments if there are opportunities for you to raise money for IPAI within the department. Maybe you could get permission to hold a bake sale during intermission at the next musical, opera or play your University presents. Always get permission, but don’t hesitate to ask!


Grants are a great way to receive funding for your trip. We have put some websites below that we think are worth checking out or google scholarships for "music study abroad".

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