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Empowerment, connection, mentorship, & encouragement

JuLY 7 - July 27, 2024

"We inspire and empower artists through meaningful connections and personalized training with international professionals.

We are dedicated to developing your artistry, crafting your skill-set, and nurturing your growth

within a community of encouragement."



IPAI Germany is a 3-week intensive that focuses on developing the artistic capacities and direction of the total artist with an emphasis on experiencing German culture and musical connection. Participants have a rigorous schedule that includes rehearsals for a comprehensive German opera/operetta and musical theatre scenes program; daily classes in dance/movement/choreography, German language/diction, and acting; 2 private voice lessons and 1-2 private coachings per week. Performers participate in masterclasses for musical theatre, opera, and collaborative piano focusing on style, interpretation and performance; entrepreneurship, branding, and marketing; auditioning; German Lied and Operetta; and more. Our piano duo collaborative environment is a unique learning experience among summer programs. Pianist-singer duos work, rehearse, coach, and perform together throughout the entirety of the program: learning from each other and developing language, connection, musical communication, and often special partnerships that continue beyond the summer intensive. Our combined American and German faculty offer a unique cultural perspective and provide in-depth, one-on-one mentorship as our participants find and create a plan to pursue the individual, unique expression of their personal brand of artistry in the world. Participants go on one musical excursion during the program: musical theatre artists visit Stage Entertainment (Germany's largest Broadway Musical production company) for a 3-day workshop and audition in Hamburg and opera artists will participate in a workshop and behind-the-scenes tour with the General Director of a regional German opera house. Performance opportunities during the program include 1 scenes concert , a musical theatre song night,  Opera Singing Contest, 1-Liederabend concert, and of course singing in master classes. IPAI Germany is an all-inclusive training experience with lodging at the Hotel Zur Post in Kiefersfelden, Germany and a hot Bavarian breakfast and lunch buffet served each day. The programs of study offered during IPAI Germany are: Opera, Musical Theatre, Collaborative Piano, & Directing Fellowship.



Classes and events take place Monday - Friday with Saturday being a day off and some special rehearsals or performances taking place on Sunday afternoons. Week 1 focus = scenes & music rehearsals, audition prep. Week 2 focus = Lied & MT/OP audition workshop excursions. Week 3 focus = Performances.


TIME                                          EVENT                                                                         LOCATION

7:00am                                     Breakfast Buffet                                                         Zur Post Hotel Frühstückszimmer

8:15am - 9:45am                    Dance/Movement or Acting Class                         Tanzraum

10:00am - 12:00pm             Master Classes/ Scenes & Music Rehearsal          Blahaus/Beckstein/Musikkapelle

12:00pm - 1:00pm                Lunch Zur Post                                                           Hotel Garten

1:00pm - 2:00pm                 German Language & Diction                                    Zur Post Hotel Frühstückszimmer

2:15pm - 5:00pm                  Voice Lessons & Coaching                                        Various locations

5:00pm - 6:00pm                Dinner Break Everyone on their own

6:15pm - 9:00pm                  Master Classes/ Scenes & Music Rehearsal          Stadl

7:30pm                                    Performances                                                              Various Location 





Participants in both IPAI Fairhope and Germany get to network with music, stage, and casting directors; international artists; and renown clinicians and teachers based in both Germany and the United States. All of our guests and artists are committed to investing in our young artists on a meaningful and personal level. Our summer intensives provide an intimate environment where artists and mentors can engage in deep conversation, reflection, and artistic discovery.


Some of our past and present IPAI Guest Artists and Faculty include:


Jennifer Larmore, Mezzo-soprano

Barbara Daniels, soprano

Barbara Bonney, soprano

Greer Grimsley, Bass-baritone

Luretta Bybee, Mezzo-soprano

Kirsten Chavez, Mezzo-soprano

Scott Wright, General Dir Mobile Opera

Andrew Campbell, Director of Collab Piano Arizona State Univ.

Carrie-Ann Matheson, Artistic Dir San Francisco Opera Center

Stefan Tilch, Gen Dir Landestheater Niederbayern

Gudrun Bär, German Vocal Coach & Feldenkrais Specialist

Ellen Rissinger, Vocal Coach Dresden Semperoper

Michael Strauss, Vocal Coach Boston Conservatory

Kerry Deal, Soprano, New England Conservatory

Oresta Cybriwsky, Pianist and Vocal Coach Munich, Germany

Ralf Schädler, Casting Agent Stage Entertainment Germany

Antonia Klein, German Artist Agent

Natalie Kreft, German Artist Agent

Kathryn Frady Marvel, Exec Artistic Dir/Founder Marbel City Opera

Franklyn Warfield, Theatrical Casting Norwegian Cruise Lines

Shorey Walker, Actor Business Coach NYC

Michael Bunchman, Dir Collab Piano Univ of Southern Mississippi

Tyler Smith, Tenor Loyola University NOLA

Dawn Pierce, Mezzo-soprano, Ithaca College

Eric Gibson, Stage Direction & Acting

Sidonie Smith, Soprano & Coach

Maryann Kyle, Soprano & Belting Coach University of Mobile

Jessica Medoff, Actress & soprano

Stefanie and Graham Anduri, Sing for Your Lives

Matt Oglesby, Tenor West Texas A&M University

Christopher Niess, Stage Movement University of Central Florida

Bruce Earnest, Baritone and Belting Coach

Darla Earnest, Soprano & Vocal Coach

Joe Hernandez, JMH Media





Triple Room: $6600

Double Room: $6900

Single Room: $7200


Triple Room: $6400

Double Room: $6700

Single Room: $7000 


Triple Room: 5100

Double Room: 5600

Single Room 6000

D E P O S I T :   $500



Tuition scholarships (typically between $500 - $3000) are awarded based on funding availability, artistry, and merit and determined by the application, video or live audition, financial need, and IPAI programming needs. Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of IPAI faculty, administration, and audition panelists. Recipients are obliged to notify IPAI of acceptance in a timely fashion and are still responsible for securing their position in the program by paying the deposit.

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