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Empowerment, connection, mentorship, & encouragement

"We inspire and empower artists through meaningful connections and personalized training with international professionals.

We are dedicated to developing your artistry, crafting your skill-set, and nurturing your growth

within a community of encouragement."

Thrive as an IPAI artist

T R A I N  with international operatic and musical theatre faculty artists. 


D E V E L O P  a personal career plan with professional guidance and feedback.


P E R F O R M  in the IPAI concert series and scenes program.

E N G A G E  your artistic passion.

C O N N E C T  with the IPAI community of encouragement.

D I S C O V E R  the beautiful Bavarian Alps of southern Germany!




Our beautiful campus is nestled in the Bavarian Alps in the picturesque village of Kiefersfelden. The southern German mountains provide an atmosphere of beauty and personal reflection and clarity vital to nurturing your inner artist and professional growth. Our IPAI artists enjoy exceptional accommodations including a fully catered Bavarian breakfast and daily lunch at the Hotel zur Post  located in the heart of the village. The welcoming demeanor and hospitality of our German hosts are second to none!


Screenshot 2019-08-09 at 09.10.44.png
Fairhope Sunset.jpeg



In 2021, the IPAI summer intensive will be hosted in the United States for the first time in the beautiful, sunny township of Fairhope, Alabama. The citizens of Fairhope welcome our IPAI artists with open arms! Our IPAI Fairhope artists enjoy accommodations at the Hampton Inn by Hilton including a hot breakfast and fully catered lunch daily. This quaint southern tourist destination situated on the Mobile Bay boasts scenic views; incredible sunsets at its famous pier; warm, southern hospitality; and a quaint city center whose charming cafes, fine dining, elegant shops, and floral street landscapes reminisce picturesque European villages. The progressive, coastal vibe of this town  provides a peaceful, stress-free environment for our artists to get away, relax, re-center, and focus on their artistry. 


Message From our founder


We founded the IPAI Opera and Musical Theatre programs to serve and nurture the needs of developing young artists. Our student centric vision and planning makes IPAI unique among other summer music programs. We truly strive to meet each of our young artists where they are and escort them to the next level of development on their artistic journey.


In addition to traditional musical coaching, teaching, and performance opportunities, our faculty of genuinely caring international artists, industry professionals, teachers, and coaches are committed to reaching young artists in a personal and meaningful way. We look at the total artist and offer specific mentorship such as helping young performers identify and embrace their unique artistic passion; connecting emerging artists with audition opportunities as well as networks that help them to forge their own paths in an ever-evolving industry; offering objective, honest, and encouraging career advice, guidance, or counseling.  


IPAI is a gateway of discovery at every level of development.  Students of our program leave with a renewed sense of purpose and the tools to continue their total artistic development beyond IPAI. Our  IPAI Germany & IPAI Fairhope artists experience great success and personal growth as they continue to thrive in theaters, graduate programs, and young artist programs in the U.S. and Europe. 


We look forward to welcoming you to beautiful Bavaria this summer and into the IPAI Artist Family!



Dr. Bruce Earnest Jr. 

Producing Artistic Director

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