IPAI Dance Study Group — 2011

Professional Career Training in Germany

July 6 - July 27 2014

IPAI offers you a breath-taking European German mountainside setting to discover, explore and experience your art through exceptional training in Musical Theatre and Opera.


IPAI offers professional training in both musical theatre and opera from artists from all over the world. The primary goal of IPAI is to help you realize your full potential as a singer-actor in an environment that nurtures your creativity while offering real-life opportunities for artistic employment in Europe.


IPAI's primary campus is nestled in the Bavarian Alps in the picturesque village of Kiefersfelden. The southern German mountains provide a dramatic setting that has been inspiring performers for centuries.

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IPAI participant housing is in the charming Hotel zur Post located in the heart of the village just a very short walk from the train station. For panoramic photos of Kiefersfelden, click here. For participants in the Opera concentration, an Opera Intensive will occur during a portion of IPAI and will include a trip to the Bavarian capitol of Munich. For those in the Musical Theatre concentration, a Musical Theatre Intensive will occur during a portion of IPAI and will be located in either Hamburg or Vienna with our casting partners.


  • Sidonie Smith

    Attending IPAI and training with its tremendous faculty and guest artists opened up a world of opportunity for me. Through IPAI, I became the first American student to study at the premiere Musical Theatre conservatory, Joop van den Ende Academy, in Hamburg Germany. Since then, I have been blessed to perform the title role in Aida (my dream role!) and have been in the original cast of Broadway-scale productions in Europe, including Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story and Sister Act (co-produced by Whoopi Goldberg). I cannot thank Bruce and Darla Earnest and their wonderful team enough for encouraging me to make the investment and attend IPAI. My artistry and career have never been the same since.