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What will the protocol be surrounding COVID-19?

As the pandemic is an ever-evolving situation, we will release official protocols as we approach IPAI Fairhope. We are working to ensure that all our professional and young artists interact in a safe environment. 

Safety measures currently being considered include:

  • Social distancing (including classroom and rehearsal set up)

  • Use of outdoor and large venue spaces, 

  • Creative scheduling, and 

  • Robust hygiene/disinfecting procedures as needed. 

  • Mask-wearing may be encouraged or required in situations where social distancing is not possible. 

Note: Although not required, vaccinations are encouraged along with continued observance of personal hygiene guidelines. 


Above all, we expect all IPAI Artists to be responsible and keep each other safe. Please follow our social media to stay updated with the latest information.


Why Fairhope?

  • Safety - Due to the ongoing pandemic and restrictions on traveling between the United States and Europe, we decided, back in February, that staying in the States would be safer for everyone. 

  • Great Town with Great People - Our very own founders, Bruce and Darla are natives of this lovely locale and were proud to offer Fairhope as our home for the summer! Fairhope is a cute, trendy town nestled between the cities of Mobile and Pensacola on the beaches of the Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Also, it is a great fit because of the quaint demeanor and vibe of the city - much like Kiefersfelden - and the incredible support and enthusiasm its citizens have expressed at the prospect of hosting IPAI artists and performances this summer. 

  • Networking - Our faculty artists and administrators have many connections in the southeastern United States making the change of location from Kiefersfelden much easier to manage. This also allows us to collaborate with local businesses, arts organizations, opera/theatre companies, and industry professionals to make this a most valuable and memorable experience for all of our young artists and faculty. 


I thought this was a German program?

It is! IPAI’s first home is in the picturesque Bavarian Alps of Kiefersfelden, Germany. We are honored, however, to bring a little slice of Germany to Fairhope, Alabama in 2021. A few of our German faculty will be joining us in-person and via zoom so our artists will benefit from daily German classes and opportunities for conversations with native speakers. 


Additionally, IPAI Artists will learn about the German theatre system, and sing in master classes with German professors, professional stage directors, and casting directors. Our very special piano duo and focus on German Lied also brings singers the opportunity to delve deeper into German culture, tradition, poetry, language, and performance practice. 


How will the program be different from IPAI Germany?

  • New Connections - Although we will miss immersing ourselves in German culture and collaborating with our usual Kiefersfelden partners this year, we are establishing new connections and support for the International Performing Arts Institute here in the US. 

  • More Performance Opportunities - Fairhope is filled with shops, restaurants, and cafés, which will host a number of optional performance opportunities for singers throughout the program. 

  • More Networking - This year, we are adding a networking mixer after the first round of our vocal competition. This will allow our young artists to practice their personal presentation skills and get to know some of the US-based industry professionals who will be judging the competition. 


With these changes, the quality of our program has not wavered; we have only sought to strengthen our offerings. As such, our daily schedule will be very similar to that of IPAI Germany including the usual dance, acting, private lessons, music and staging rehearsals, master classes, along with various concerts including a vocal competition, a final opera and musical theatre scenes gala, and opportunities to sing for industry professionals who can help young artists get jobs. 


Why hasn't the cost changed?

While we would have loved to reduce the price of tuition after the decision to move to the US, it was unfortunately not possible for a number of reasons:

  • The cost of running the program year-round, 

  • Losses incurred due to the cancelation of our live 2020 summer experience

  • Resulting costs of the location change to Fairhope.


Believe it or not, the total cost of housing, food and other program expenses in Germany is less than in the United States. This is partially due to our long-standing relationships in the community of Kiefersfelden. So, although we have saved the expense of flights to/from Europe, we have had to make many sacrifices to provide a live in-person experience this summer without increasing expenses. 


Also, although tuition is the same, we have awarded scholarships so most of our young artists will save on travel expenses.


What should I expect from IPAI Fairhope?

  • You can expect empowerment, connection, mentorship, and encouragement. 

  • You can expect quality training, intense work, and serious play, lots of fun and lifelong friendships, new experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. 

  • We are confident you will have a life-changing experience that will challenge and grow you as a person and in your artistry. 


Learn more about our programs by exploring our website: 


What is there to do while in Fairhope?

There are many shops and restaurants within walking distance of IPAI activities so you can window shop, get a drink at a trendy bar, or have a coffee at one of the cafés while experiencing live music (by your fellow IPAI artists) or other regional groups. The Point Clear waterfront is walkable from where we're staying and you can even check out the city’s various summer activities in the downtown area. The beach town of Gulf Shores is about a 30-minute drive from Fairhope, as well. 


This list is by no means exhaustive so we will provide a more detailed list of events and goings-on when you check-in to the hotel. 


What should I pack?

  • Summer clothes - We probably don’t have to say this, but Alabama gets a little...warm in July. It can also be very humid and may rain during mid-day when you are outside moving between rehearsal/performance venues so pack accordingly. Include lots of shorts and t-shirts, your bathing suit, and rain gear for those rainy days.

  • Performance gear/attire 

  • Athletic/dance attire for your dance/choreo classes 

  • Make sure you have your music supplies and sufficient copies of your music

  • AND DON’T FORGET  YOUR WATER BOTTLE! It’s VERY important to stay hydrated. 


For a complete packing list, visit the What to Pack section on our website. 


What if I have food allergies or special dietary needs?

Along with special medical conditions, disabilities, or needs, participants should share food allergies or dietary restrictions/needs with us by completing the Health and Travel survey sent in advance of their arrival. There will always be a vegetarian or vegan option available for the provided meals.


What airports are closest to Fairhope, and will transportation from the airport to the hotel be available?

We recommend flying into the Mobile or Pensacola airports if possible. Transportation to and from these two airports may be provided to participants who notify us in advance through a Health and Travel survey sent out in advance of the program start date. 


  • Mobile Regional Airport (MOB) is 35.5 miles (Approx. 50 mins) away.

  • Pensacola International Airport (PNS) is 55.8 miles (Approx. 1 hour) away.

  • Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) is 173 miles (about 2hrs 40mins) away.

  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is 326 miles (5 hours) away.


How do we get around? Do I need a car?

  • The city of Fairhope is very walkable and cars are not required to get around. Nearly all of your classes and performance venues are within walking distance of the hotel and main campus. In the event a performance or rehearsal is held farther away, we will arrange transportation. 

  • You may want to consider bringing a bike or renting either a bike or golf cart during your stay. There will probably be enough faculty and young artists with cars to get you around if needed. 

  • Also, please note that transportation to/from the Mobile airport can also be arranged, and that most shopping needs can be met in the town center. 


Where are we staying?

IPAI Fairhope Artists and faculty stay at the Hampton Inn by Hilton, host homes, or AirBnB-type accommodations located right in the heart of downtown Fairhope. The hotel is within walking distance of Coastal Community College where we will have many of our rehearsals, lessons, and coachings. Other housing locations are a short walk or a very short drive (minutes) from Coastal Community College. 


For more information about these accommodations, visit


What are the Hampton Inn’s amenities?

The Hampton Inn offers:

  • Free WiFi

  • Fitness center

  • Business center

  • Free hot breakfast buffet

  • Free parking

  • Pool (closed at the moment due to COVID restrictions but expected to be open in July)


How/Where can I do laundry?

There are multiple laundromats within 10 minutes of the Hampton Inn. Some even offer drop-off services.


Is there a printer available?

Although the Hampton Inn has a printer available in the Business Center, we ask that you reserve it strictly for emergency use. There will be over 40 of us staying at the hotel so please be thoughtful and respectful of their equipment and supplies. Come prepared with printed copies of your music for your voice lessons and coachings. There is a print shop in town and a few other locations just a short drive from the city center if you need to run copies or print multiple copies after you get here. See our updated packing list for more details. 

Got a question that needs to be included in our FAQ? You may be able to find some answers in our Welcome Packet from 2020. If not, we'd love to hear from you! Write us an email or fill out the contact form below.

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